Mad Dog McGillicuddy and his Rabid Band of Howler Monkeys

A rockin' webcomic by Brodie O'Mara

Howler Monkey Flashbacks - Episode 1/7: 'Tiki Island' (2009)

LOOK WHO'S BACK FROM THE DEAD...! Well, not exactly. I'm cheating by re-posting an old Episode, but hey - making the effort to put it on the homepage, with a new blurb, has to count for something, right? RIGHT...???

I went with this Episode because it's probably the most 'summery'; I thought it appropriate seeing as we're only one week away from summer (in the southern hemisphere, that is. Sorry, northern hemisphere, especially you, Buffalo...).

With a new full-time job looming, and less and less time to draw, this may be the method for some time (although I do plan to do yet another brand new Christmas Episode), so I hope you'll enjoy these flashbacks. Plus, for interest's sake, I'm including the original blurb from when this Ep. was originally published. Enjoy the summer, yo...!

Because I ended the previous episode with the crowd still hypnotised, this was their 'break'. I guess the spell wore off and the punters went back to normal...or something. I don't know... This is my sort-of tribute to 'King Kong'. I decided I didn't want the band to actually have to 'fight' the monsters. It's too large-scale at this stage. I haven't mentioned it before, but when I first drew the characters, they had large forearms, like Popeye. I gave Mad Dog his anchor tatts as a tribute. I liked putting shades and leis on the band in this episode. Just a very subtle variation, but the next episode has them in full Halloween costumes, so it's a warm-up before I fully start messing with their appearance...