Mad Dog McGillicuddy and his Rabid Band of Howler Monkeys

A rockin' webcomic by Brodie O'Mara

Episode 157 - The Howler Monkeys in 'A Very Sharknado Christmas'

YES! I did it! On Christmas Eve 2013, I managed to get a BRAND NEW, Christmas-themed comic up for you to enjoy, you festive little mofos.

2013 was a big year - an Australian Federal Election (the result of which I still refuse to acknowledge), the death of Mandela, Australian tours by The Bieb AND 1D, Miley, and all that god-damned twerking... But this all faded into obscurity next to THE event of 2013: SHARKNADO. No-one escaped the ubiquitous 'Nado in 2013; it even killed that dude from Glee...!

So, of course, the 'Nado, and its hero, The Iron Z, had to form the basis of this year's Christmas Episode (which, trivia-hounds, is the first Howler Monkeys Episode, written by me, since 25 July 2012 to feature all five HMs band members!).

PLEASE NOTE: I do not support or condone shark-fishing, shark-culling, finning, or shark-meat sale, purchase or consumption. However, if caught in a Sharknado, and you are forced to chainsaw your way through a Great White or two, I don't see any point in letting it go to waste.

Oh, and this Ep. was supposed to be in colour, but it's been another busy, HOT pre-Christmas season, so EFF. THAT.

Whatever you spend your time doing this time of year, I hope you do it safely and happily, with those you love nearby. Peace out.