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Mad Dog McGillicuddy and his Rabid Band of Howler Monkeys

A rockin' webcomic by Brodie O'Mara

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Previous Episodes: Episode 5.1 (61) - 8.S5 (120)

Special Episode 7/1 (101) - 'Blackest of the Black' by The Obscure Gentlemen

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Special Episode 7/1 (101) - 'Blackest of the Black' by The Obscure Gentlemen
Firstly, I'm so glad that I've been able to host another run of Guest Episodes. I think the best thing about this second run of Gueps is that, while for the first run, I had to limit my requests to friends and family, this time I've used my many and varied talented twitter friends, none of whom I know personally, or have even met! 'The Obscure Gentlemen' is a webcomic I came across early in my twitter wanderings. At its core is a nucleus of blokey characters, and an obsession with music, movies, TV and comics, so naturally I was drawn to it. I had the fortune of doing a guest ep for The Gentlemen back in April, and I'm really happy they were able to return the favour! My favourite thing about this episode, along with the fact that it comes from a love of rock 'n' roll, is the fact that a seemingly imposing, mysterious figure (Danzig) is cut down to size and revealed to be, in reality, quite lame. I have discussed this before in terms of the parade of villains the Howler Monkeys have bested. I think this captures the attitude of the Howler Monkeys perfectly. Oh, and a bit of trivia: This is only the SECOND episode to feature a living, real-life personality (the first being Chris Conley's guep, which featured Top Gear's The Stig). Bon Scott has been in an Ep, but we all know he ain't around no more...
Posted on August 14, 2011

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