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Mad Dog McGillicuddy and his Rabid Band of Howler Monkeys

A rockin' webcomic by Brodie O'Mara

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Special Episode 10/4 (149) - 'Know Your Product' by Kym Andrews

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Special Episode 10/4 (149) - 'Know Your Product' by Kym Andrews
OK, just to get in before the trainspotters, this Ep. is not a remake. Unfortunately, the Guestie due to fill this week's spot had to pull out. However, my good friend Kym responded to my distress call and knocked up this stellar Ep. in a matter of hours. Hooray! I like this Ep. because it focuses on the music. As I've lamented before, the scope of this comic has become such that the fact that the main characters are a rock band is often forgotten. In fact, the last two Series (20-odd Episodes) dealt primarily with Beardo and Jett's wedding, and Le Sas' Yeti revelation/backstory, so only THREE EPS referred to the characters as a band. I also like that it (although, perhaps, unintentionally) references bands/ideas that have appeared in the comic before. Pink Floyd and Nirvana have been referenced, and although the Backstreet Boys have not been referenced specifically, the idea of the Howler Monkeys as a boy-band has (Take That was my model in that instance). The title also uses a song title, which regular, observant readers will know I like to do sometimes, too... (Strangely, this is, I think, the first mention of The Beatles... Wow. I'm more of a Stones man, I guess...) Finally, the best thing about this Ep. is that it required very little artistic ability (which Kym has freely admitted). The Howler Monkeys comic has never been about the art. It's always been about the STORIES. Kym has used existing comics/art and album covers to cobble together a neat little story, which I'm proud as punch to put up. SO, if the day should come when I ask you for a Guest Episode, "...but I can't draw..." will NOT be accepted as an excuse... (To come back to you trainspotters, the first panel is lifted from 5/2: DJ Craigsplosion, and Smiley's appearance in the final panel is from 9/2: The Show Must Go On. I didn't need to look those up... Maybe I'M the trainspotter...)
Posted on August 12, 2012