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Mad Dog McGillicuddy and his Rabid Band of Howler Monkeys

A rockin' webcomic by Brodie O'Mara

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Previous Episodes: Episode 1.1 - 4.S5 (60)

Episode 3/6 (36) - Lou Senz

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Episode 3/6 (36) - Lou Senz
This is perhaps the most 'postmodern', self-referential Episode yet. I'm taking the piss out of my own tendency to leave things up in the air, to have gaping plot holes, and characters appear, disappear and transform willy-nilly. The title itself is the first joke. 'Lou Senz' = 'Loose Ends'. This may be obvious, but sometimes you miss a joke like that unless you say it aloud. The second instance of self-reference is the fact that B.M. and Laffy appear together, even though they are in different dimensions. They are in the world OF the comic, rather than in their respective worlds WITHIN the comic. Finally (and bizarrely - I don't know what I was on when I did this one) is the appearance of ME! I always liked the Warner Bros cartoons where Daffy or Bugs battled it out with the animator - this is my tribute to those cartoons. And, to capture the vibe of what this Episode is all about, it could all be a lie. Just because these two have said they won't be returning, doesn't mean they won't...if it suits me...
Posted on May 16, 2010